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Calling Dr. Dog – Huge Ways a Dog Can Improve Your Health


Cute Doctor Dog Helping People Feel Better

Feeling under the weather or a bit blue? Dr. Dog to the rescue! Dogs are little rays of sunshine when it comes to their human’s health. While dogs may not know this, dog owners know their pups have adorable and magical healing powers that actually work. Take a look at how people are better with dogs.

Imagine loving your dog in ways that he understands. Playing ball, offering gentle strokes on his head or singing in a soft voice shows kindness. These gestures have great soothing and healing powers for our wonderful canine kids. Dogs respond to all things positive in their own healthy ways. Wiggly tails, smiling furry faces, running and jumping are expressions of your dog’s happiness. This reaction is worth its weight in gold doggie treats for both the dog and his owner.

Let’s turn the scenario around. When your dog licks your face or sits by your side after a bad day, you feel better. When Fido looks into your eyes with his, longing to understand you, you melt. When it’s cold outside and your canine companion jumps up on the bed to help keep you warm, you turn to mush. Each of these human reactions exhibit pleasure. Pleasure increases happy endorphin’s responses creating a stronger ground for health and immunity. The point? Dogs improve health on one level or another. Let’s take a look at ways your dog can help you feel better fast!


There are many reasons people seek a therapist for their health. One of the main reasons is to communicate. Good communication makes us feel alive, needed and wanted.

Dogs are called Man’s Best Friend for a good reason. Dogs actually do listen and observe their humans – closely. For example, have you ever seen a gentle Collie stand between two people arguing? Collies understand there is tension by the sound of your voice or body language. A Collie’s strategy is to step in and regain control of a peaceful environment. Collies seek harmony, making everybody happier and healthier. Dogs help to calm us. This calming helps every cell in our body.

More dogs are becoming professional, therapeutic, helper dogs.  Physicians are opening up their therapy protocols to include dogs. Dogs are having a real calming effect on patients during therapy sessions. Doctors are seeing this and using dogs more and more to help their patients. When the mind and body are calmer, the body responds positively on a cellular level. Being calm helps the body heal in so many ways.


Everyone knows exercise is one of the best paths to health. Nobody loves exercise more than your dog. He gets you out for walks. He can help raise your heart rate to a healthy level while playing Frisbee. He loves to get you running in large, grassy fields filled with flowers. OK, no flowery fields if you are allergic. These activities help people who have arthritis move and feel better.

Fido can help you build strong muscles if you want to pick him up and love on him. He can even exercise your mind as the two of you train together. Seems your dog is completely invested in you. You are their whole world.


Did you know??? Research has shown that young kids growing up with dogs often experience less allergies in adulthood. That means kids’ immune systems become stronger. The stronger the protective immune system is, the stronger the body down the road. Maybe that special someone just asked you for a puppy for her birthday. Now’s the time!


Did you know dogs can actually help diabetics know when their blood glucose level is about to drop? BEFORE it drops? The reason isn’t exactly clear. The theory is that dogs respond to the owner’s scent due to chemical changes within the owner’s body. Approximately one out of every three dogs have this amazing gift. Address your service dog curiosities by asking your veterinarian for more information. Local trainers certified to train dogs for diabetic help are waiting to help.


If you have ADHD, consider these tips when training a dog. Whether you are a profession trainer or training at home in the back yard, take baby steps. Use one training tool at a time. Certain dogs can aid people with ADHD because dogs learn one thing at a time. This strategy assists people with ADHD work on patience, organizational skills and responsibility. Dogs can also help kids with ADHD expel excess energy in an engaging and loving way. This promotes trust and mindfulness. It also offers opportunities to learn about a dog’s boundaries, both mental and physical.


Forget store-bought heat wraps. Go and get yourself a Mexican Hairless dog instead. This tiny little creature is actually known for emitting a higher degree of body heat. Many use the Mexican Hairless dog for professional therapeutic purposes. It’s true! Have you ever heard of wrapping a dog around your neck to help relieve diagnosed chronic pain? Many patients with Fibromyalgia know this gem of a remedy. Dogs in general generate warm and soothing body heat. Who wouldn’t want a darling dog attached at the hip?


Folks, dogs are your number one go to for all things incredible and furry. Your dog may be able to sense health related issues. Professionally trained dogs are ready to achieve established goals. They are ready to observe and encourage. They can pick up dropped keys or alert you to your medical needs.

But the list of doggie to dos doesn’t stop there. For example, people with Parkinson’s Disease often experience ‘freezing’ moments. During these episodes a trained service dog touches the foot of the patient to remind her to keep walking. Even patients with eye disease/blindness, trust issues and Alzheimer’s rely on hard-working service dogs. The list of healthful benefits dogs bring to their owners’ daily lives is almost endless.

The ultimate joys of owning a dog goes far beyond providing a roof over his head and a good bowl of food. Dogs give back so much and our bodies respond with delight. From adorable puppy breath through days filled with belly rubs and kisses, it’s often love at first sight. Our health is better with dogs. Dogs improve the health of their humans almost without even trying. Enjoying your pooch is a wonderful way to stay happy, healthy and as fit as a fiddle.

Dogs are your miracles-in-waiting. They are your best friend at any given moment. They are ready to take you on to love and to serve. After doing all the work to keep you healthier and happier, they remain your loyal best friend.


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