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Does My Dog REALLY Love Me?

does my dog really love me? Great article on dog loving his or her human



Does My Dog Really Love Me?

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and snuggling on the couch with your dog. Loving a dog is as easy and as natural as a mother loving her child, but have you ever asked, “Does my dog love me?”

We know that a dog carries basic emotions. He barks his happy bark when playing with his favorite toy. He growls and snarls when provoked by other dogs, cats or, heaven forbid, a blasted leaf falling from a tree. And he sulks when scolded for tearing a hole in your favorite pair of shoes. So it seems natural that our furry friends also have the ability to love. Here are a few signs that show a dog’s love for his owner:

He follows you

Have you ever had your dog follow you into the bedroom, the living room, or the bathroom? It may seem odd when your dog watches you shower. Yet, if your dog is following you from one room to the next, it means that he loves being near you. It also means that he trusts and depends upon you. You wouldn’t trust anyone whom you didn’t love, so you can be pretty sure your dog wouldn’t either.

He protects you

The next time your dog barks at the mailman, the next-door-neighbor’s dog or a friend roughhousing for a bit of fun, think positive. He might just be looking out for you. So if your dog is generally obedient and quiet, he is showing you, and anyone else nearby, that he is your protector.

You’ve heard stories of dogs saving a drowning child or of military dogs winning medals. Risking your life for another is one of the greatest signs of love. Knowing that dogs are willing to risk their lives for us speaks volumes of a dog’s ability to love.

He stares at you

It may be a cliché, but eyes are the “window to the soul”. When we look into the eyes of someone we care about, we can sense a deeper connection of love and affection. — a “spark”. The same can be said of your dog. When he looks into your eyes, he is basically saying, “I love you.”

He smiles at you

Have you ever caught your dog smiling at you? Most likely, he is doing just that! We use facial expressions to communicate our emotions, and so do our dogs! They have certain facial expressions, such as raising their eyebrows and smiling to convey love and contentment.

He speaks to you

If your dog barks, yaps, bays, or yodels at you in a friendly manner, it is his way of speaking to you. Have you ever walked into your home and had your dog start talking to you? It is not so far off to assume he is saying “hello” and telling you all about his day. It’s much like we do with our family and friends.

He responds to your voice

Most dogs know the sound of their owner’s voice. If a stranger were to call out your dog’s name, he may not receive much of a response. When a dog hears his owner’s voice he will usually stop whatever he is doing and come running to the voice he knows.

He is overly excited to see you

When you come home the greeting you gets seems like you’ve been gone for years! A dog will often greet you by jumping on you, running around you licking you too. And the moment you sit down he is laying or sitting on you.  What a great way to know your dog loves you!

You may even discover that your dog is waiting by the door when you walk inside. Next he brings you his favorite toy, pleading with his eyes for you to play with him. If your dog greets you at the door excitedly every day, you can be sure he has missed you.

He tries to impress you

Does your dog know any tricks? You may find him sitting, staying, rolling over, or playing dead in front of you without the promise of a treat. While he may be secretly hoping for his yummy treat, he may also just want your attention and love. Your dog wants to impress you because he loves you. Much like a child desires to impress his parents even after already receiving praise. The more you praise your dog for being good, the more likely you are to see him go above and beyond to impress you.

He cuddles with you

If you’re still asking, “Does my dog love me?”, I don’t think any sign is as clear as when your dog cuddles with you. Whether he sleeps in the same bed as you, or naps on top of your feet, when your dog longs to be near you it is a sure sign of love.

I get focused when I work. Sometimes I actually remember to look up from my desk. I am always happy to see my dogs sleeping around me.

Loving a dog can bring us so much joy.  Knowing our dogs love us too makes the joy even greater.  Whether you’re the owner of one dog or many, any dog showing one of these signs means that you are dearly loved. It’s comforting to know that no matter how rough your day has been, your dog is waiting for you.

There they are… Wiggling with great anticipation as your car pulls in the driveway… Then our tail wagging, jumping, talking and toy brining companion greets us with so much love!

Now, let’s go home and give our loving dogs a giant hug.

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