QUIZ: Can You Correctly Identify These 7 Popular Breeds Every Dog Lover Should Know?

Popular Dog Breeds – The Inside Scoop!

Most dog people can identify popular dog breeds by looks, but how much do you really know about those breeds?

The AKC has all kinds of info on the all dog breeds but most dog lovers don’t even know how their favorite breed came to exist. From size, colors, and temperament to country of origin and original purpose; there’s much more to the behind the scenes story of these popular dog breeds.

Take this 7 question quiz to see just how breed smart you really are.

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Popular Dog Breeds Quiz

This friendly hound is described at merrily curious and happy-go-lucky.

Although small in stature, they have the medium energy level of a larger breed.

No one really knows where this breed began but they've been an AKC recognized pack hound since 1885.

Completely at home with both dogs and people, their adorable facial expressions and loyal devotion make them one of the best family dogs in the top 10.

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